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Leveling Concrete Trowels

Trowels help in smoothing concrete surfaces for their finish coats before being allowed to dry. For smaller slabs, hand-troweling is commonly used but power trowels are usually preferred for large slabs. There are different types of trowels for specific concrete work.

Groove Cutter/Jointer Tool

For some job types, grooving the surface helps to prevent excess damage from shrinkage or cracking as the concrete dries or even during use.

Float Blades and Troweling Blades

There are different types of blade available for floats and power trowels, and each is designed to carry out different finishes. However, during the troweling stage, some care must be taken so as not to burnish the surface and prolong drying time.


This is a tool designed to round exposed concrete edges for a smooth finish. Using the compact walk-behind edger, you can grind concrete floors along wall edges and in other tight spots in an upright position comfortably, in lesser time than doing the work by hand. This machine is even more advantageous it used on large projects that requires a lot of edging work.


Broom finish is a traditional finish for a concrete slab.  It involves the drawing of a broom across the surface of the almost-dried concrete slab to make the surface slip-resistant. The finished look can be a smooth draw or a more artistic pattern.


Grinding can be used for artistic effects like a distressed finish. It is sometimes necessary if a slab surface has been over-trowelled causing excess moisture to be sealed inside the slab. Also, the concrete grinder when combined with a variety of blades, can be used like an artist’s brush for decorative concrete contractors. You can create different variety of freehand designs and intricate patterns.


After the slab has had enough time to dry, you can use polishers to produce a surface finish effect, such as a gentle smoothing of the surface  and a mirror-like shine for an aesthetic finish.

Dust Collection Systems

When polishing, grinding, drilling or sawing concrete, a dust collection system helps in clearing the work area, thereby protecting the health of the onsite workers

Gauge rake and smoothing paddles

You shouldn’t be without a gauge rake and smoothing paddle if you are working with concrete overlays. The gauge rake helps in laying down a cementitious material at a uniform thickness and the smoothing paddle is used to smooth out the overlay’s surface to get a flawless finish.

Those are the basic tools for carrying out concrete work. I’ve noticed most dealers of concrete in St. Louis always recommend them for effective project execution.

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A O’Fallon carpet cleaner shared some great post with me about carpet cleaning, which i decided to extract some information and share with my noble readers;

Most carpet cleaning issues like stains, padded-down spots and shagginess can be quickly solved using the following non-toxic and clever carpet cleaning hacks.

Remove stains with an Iron

Irons can actually be used to remove some stains.
You have to vacuum the carpets first, then dampen any stains or spots with a towel soaked with a solution made of vinegar and three in the ratio one to three. Put the soaked towel on the stain and use the iron to heat the towel. The stain should start to lift into the towel as you move the iron over the towel.

Essential Oil and Baking Soda Carpet Freshener

If you want your carpets to smell fresh, you can make your own deodorizer by adding about 20 drops of any essential oil with a box of baking soda of about 16-ounce.Mix well so the oils are completely absorbed, store in a glass container and simply shake some of it on your carpet whenever you want to users. After allocation, wait for five minutes, then vacuum it.

Deep clean your carpet with homemade cleaner

To get rid of dust mites and allergens, you need to deep clean your carpet. You can me your own cleaner by mixing the following ingredients together: ¾ cup of Hydrogen Peroxide, 2 tablespoons dish soap, ¼ cup white vinegar, 2 tablespoons of fabric softener, 5 drops of essential oils and a gallon of hot water. This an be used instead of expensive and chemical-filled brand options.

Fluff up your carpet

If your carpet looks like it has been walked on by an army, fluff it up by spraying the hardened and stained areas with equal parts vinegar and water. Allow this to work and then blot up the stain. After this, run a spoon along the carpeting by holding the spoon on its side to “fluff up” the fibers.

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quality carpet cleaners

Credit: A quality carpet cleaners washing by the river side

You either adore your rug fringe or hate it. Some rugs may have shorter fringes which will be of no bother to you while others have long fringes, giving you a lot of headache. Most rug owners usually make the decision to take matters into their hands and they try to solve the fringe problem by using a pair of scissors. But the professional opinion is to just do away with the scissors, because you will end up very frustrated when you come to the realization of your action.

A fringe is the part of a rug that usually gets the dirtiest and it requires a great amount of effort to get it cleaned. Sometimes, even rug cleaners who want to give their clients a perfectly white fringe usually find fringe cleaning a challenge.

The dirtier the rug, the duller it will look, and once the fringe is dirty, the whole rug will start looking dingy. Most rugs are woven on cotton foundations. Unquestionably, wool is the best fiber to hide dirt because of the layers of cuticles that its fibers possess which is capable of hiding grit and dust quite well. However, cotton will allow soil to get lodged deeply into the strands because it has no place to hide the dirt.

Cleaning a cotton fringe tassels is like cleaning shoelaces. It takes a lot of scrubbing to get a cotton fringe cleaned.

Generally, these are the steps you need to take when cleaning your rug’s fringe:

  1. First, Protect the floor around the fringe you want to clean. This can be done by placing a plastic tarp underneath the rug. By doing this, you won’t be spreading filth to nearby surfaces.
  2. Use a soft bristle brush to brush the fringe so as to remove loose dust, debris and dirt
  3. To a cup of warm water, add 1 tablespoon of ammonia and then dip a sponge into the solution.
  4. The sponge should be wringed out well. Wipe down the fringe with the sponge. Make sure every piece is dampen.
  5. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar to 1 cup of warm water.
  6. A clean cloth should be dipped in the solution and then used too rinse the fringe.
  7. Dry the fringe outside or place a fan close to the fringe to help it dry faster.
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While think of installing replacement windows, a bay window can be a perfect choice/alternative for you; and i will like to share some awesome ideas of bay window decoration.

Bay window decorating ideas for living and dining room

You can use your bay window in different ways. You can give them a classic and traditional look or an incredibly modern and elegant look with different curtain and valance ideas. For instance, it is possible for you to create an accent in the interior part of your bay window and then build a comfortable and cozy place that can become a focal point for the room by using different textures, rich colors and many decorative pillows. With bay windows, you will have the wonderful opportunity of including various built-ins for storage such as  cupboards, drawers and shelves, which is a significant thing for a modern home. Decorate the space of bay windows with cushions, modern lights, flower vases, an elegant table and beautiful shutters. The colors, elements and textures in the design of this small corner of the room, may be the link in the interior of the window and will create the kind of mood you want. Choose fabrics and upholstery of high quality, this will help you in achieving a flawless design and comfort.

Bay window decorating ideas that allows for efficient use of space

If your bay window is in the living room, it needs to be decorated with a special attention because this is the room where you will be receiving visitors. The designs of your bay window should be in harmony with the interior of your living room. Your space can be used in different ways and you have to decide on its functional purpose.

How to choose blinds and curtains for bay windows

To choose the right curtains for your bay window, you have to consider the shape of the window. The type of curtains suitable for triangular windows is not the same as the one for a semi-circular bay window. The choice of blinds and curtains will also be determined by the amount of light. If the room is light and bright, using multi-layer curtains will give you the benefit of controlling the light flow which is vital in bedrooms. For dark rooms, the curtains should be transparent and light so that it would not block the light. The pattern and color of the curtains and blinds for a bay window will depend on the overall interior of the room. If you want to create an atmosphere of privacy and intimacy, choose warm shades  and use colorful and bright curtains for a breakfast nook.

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When it comes to kitchens, some certain shades such as blue, white yellow, green and red, are colors really shine. However, these shades and other paint colors are being used in new ways in the kitchen.

  1. Yellow is a popular color for the kitchen but for a modern spin on this invigorating shade, replace buttery shades with brighter ones that really stand out. Search for bold yellows that have a hint of electric neon and use them on an accent wall, kitchen cabinets, your ceiling or an island. The outcome will be a sunny kitchen that will bring a smile to your face every time you step inside.
  1. Although light blue colors make kitchens feel airy and fresh, some homeowners are using bolder shades of blue, such as navy, instead. Most interior designers are of the believe that navy is the new black and it is a great way to add a dark color into your kitchen. Make sure you soften this moody colors with lighter shades, like white, gray, yellow or aqua. Cobalt blue is another popular color that looks great, yet sophisticated in the kitchen.

    St. Louis home decorators

    Credit: modern kitchen ideas to take a look, referred by a St. Louis home decorators

  1. Red usually stimulate the appetite and is a popular choice of kitchen color for many people. However, you don’t have to use a traditional red when there are many modern shades you can choose from. Cranberry red is one great variation that can brighten up a kitchen instantly.

You can consider hot pink, magenta or coral if you prefer a red that has more pink. If these colors are used sparingly, they can create a sophisticated kitchen space. Also if combined with white, it keeps the look from feeling too feminine. Magenta can be very striking when paired with darker-colored wood.

  1. There are so many shades of green that can shine in the kitchen. Light, earthy greens are mostly safer bet. However, if you are willing to experiment with the latest shades, give aqua, mint, lime, emerald green and chartreuse a try. All these greens can make a great statement and will also help in brightening a dark and drab space.

Before you settle on bold paint color for your kitchen, be sure that you will still be as into it five years from now. If you are not sure, a neutral paint color is advisable as your base and then you can lightly sprinkle the modern colors in.

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How to Paint Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl is a sensible siding solution and it is a popular and budget-friendly choice for home exteriors mostly because it requires low maintenance and the material has gotten better over the years from advancements in manufacturing. Inspite of this, it is not and is never likely to be invincible. You may choose to paint your vinyl siding if it is looking faded, worn or if you’ve just grown tired of the colour. Though, an exterior paint job is a large project, it is not particularly a complicated one. Following this instructions will take you through the steps.

1. Consult the weather forecast for your area.

In order to paint your vinyl windows siding in ideal conditions, it should be done in mild temperatures with low relative humidity, and an overcast sky. A weather that is too hot, too sunny or too windy will make the paint not to go on properly. The paint might look fine in the short term, it will adhere poorly and it will prone to cracking and flaking over time if the weather condition is not right.

2. Selecting the paint

You should not just choose the most easily reached can of paint in the aisle. If you want a paint job to look good and last on your vinyl siding, you must choose a product that contain acrylic and urethane resins; which accommodate the expansion and help the coating to stick. It must also be the same shade as the current colour or a lighter colour.

3. Prepare the surface

The first step toward achieving a quality paint job indoors or out is thorough cleaning of the surface. Don’t just run the hose over the siding, your goal must be to remove all mold, chalky buildup, mildew and debris from the surface.

4. Paint Application

It is not necessary to apply primer unless the original color has worn away completely or if it has become porous or pitted. With a roller or paint sprayer, apply your chosen paint, saving brushwork for edges and corners. Coat the entire surface evenly. Ensure you don’t apply too much paint in any one section.

After the first coat, let the paint dry completely before continuing on to the second.

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Advantages of Rooftop Gardens

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Rooftop garden,  also known as green roof, uses rooftop space for growing plants. Rooftop gardening have several advantages. The gardens can be helpful to the environment and also to the owner of the rooftop.

1. Rooftop gardening can help in improving the quality of the atmosphere. Plants absorb carbon dioxide in the air and then convert it into oxygen. This oxygen is released into the air and because the rooftop plants have the ability to absorb some of the excess amounts of carbon dioxide in the air, they have the potential of reducing the effects of air pollution.

Miami roofing service

Credit: Advantage of green roof, typical example as advice by a Miami roofing service contractor

2. Rooftop gardening can increase energy conservation. Rooftop plants usually give natural insulation to rooftops by reflecting heat and light. This extra insulation helps in reducing the need for cooling or heating mechanisms, thereby cutting down on energy use and utility costs of the home.

3. Rooftop gardens can also be beneficial in places that accumulate a large amount of rain. The plants can absorb some of the rainwater and also limit the runoff from excess water.

4. The use of rooftops to grow plants can make more ground space available. The extra space left can be used for growing agricultural crops.

5. Rooftop gardening can also protect rooftops from deterioration and damage. Ultraviolet radiations, excess winds and severe temperatures can shorten the lifetime of a rooftop. Gardens on the rooftop can form a kind of barrier which protects the roof so that homeowners are less likely to have to replace or repair them.

6. For gardeners who have shrubs, bushes or other plants that may be prone to attacks from pests or small animals, transplanting gardens to the rooftop can be helpful. When plants are moved up higher, it can reduce vermin and also prevent animals or humans from trampling on delicate plants which can occur if the plant is on the ground. Rooftop gardens also add aesthetic value to your home.

Other benefits include:

Job creation

Through the supply and manufacture of roofing membranes, root repellent layers, landscaping cloth, drainage layers, irrigation systems, curbs and other specialty products, employment opportunities are created.

Climate change adaptation

Through the improvement of energy efficiency and  addressing the issue of Urban Heat Island Effect, people can be better adapted and prepared for climate change.


It provides us with the chance of recycling aggregate and compost.

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