While think of installing replacement windows, a bay window can be a perfect choice/alternative for you; and i will like to share some awesome ideas of bay window decoration.

Bay window decorating ideas for living and dining room

You can use your bay window in different ways. You can give them a classic and traditional look or an incredibly modern and elegant look with different curtain and valance ideas. For instance, it is possible for you to create an accent in the interior part of your bay window and then build a comfortable and cozy place that can become a focal point for the room by using different textures, rich colors and many decorative pillows. With bay windows, you will have the wonderful opportunity of including various built-ins for storage such as  cupboards, drawers and shelves, which is a significant thing for a modern home. Decorate the space of bay windows with cushions, modern lights, flower vases, an elegant table and beautiful shutters. The colors, elements and textures in the design of this small corner of the room, may be the link in the interior of the window and will create the kind of mood you want. Choose fabrics and upholstery of high quality, this will help you in achieving a flawless design and comfort.

Bay window decorating ideas that allows for efficient use of space

If your bay window is in the living room, it needs to be decorated with a special attention because this is the room where you will be receiving visitors. The designs of your bay window should be in harmony with the interior of your living room. Your space can be used in different ways and you have to decide on its functional purpose.

How to choose blinds and curtains for bay windows

To choose the right curtains for your bay window, you have to consider the shape of the window. The type of curtains suitable for triangular windows is not the same as the one for a semi-circular bay window. The choice of blinds and curtains will also be determined by the amount of light. If the room is light and bright, using multi-layer curtains will give you the benefit of controlling the light flow which is vital in bedrooms. For dark rooms, the curtains should be transparent and light so that it would not block the light. The pattern and color of the curtains and blinds for a bay window will depend on the overall interior of the room. If you want to create an atmosphere of privacy and intimacy, choose warm shades  and use colorful and bright curtains for a breakfast nook.