Vinyl is a sensible siding solution and it is a popular and budget-friendly choice for home exteriors mostly because it requires low maintenance and the material has gotten better over the years from advancements in manufacturing. Inspite of this, it is not and is never likely to be invincible. You may choose to paint your vinyl siding if it is looking faded, worn or if you’ve just grown tired of the colour. Though, an exterior paint job is a large project, it is not particularly a complicated one. Following this instructions will take you through the steps.

1. Consult the weather forecast for your area.

In order to paint your vinyl windows siding in ideal conditions, it should be done in mild temperatures with low relative humidity, and an overcast sky. A weather that is too hot, too sunny or too windy will make the paint not to go on properly. The paint might look fine in the short term, it will adhere poorly and it will prone to cracking and flaking over time if the weather condition is not right.

2. Selecting the paint

You should not just choose the most easily reached can of paint in the aisle. If you want a paint job to look good and last on your vinyl siding, you must choose a product that contain acrylic and urethane resins; which accommodate the expansion and help the coating to stick. It must also be the same shade as the current colour or a lighter colour.

3. Prepare the surface

The first step toward achieving a quality paint job indoors or out is thorough cleaning of the surface. Don’t just run the hose over the siding, your goal must be to remove all mold, chalky buildup, mildew and debris from the surface.

4. Paint Application

It is not necessary to apply primer unless the original color has worn away completely or if it has become porous or pitted. With a roller or paint sprayer, apply your chosen paint, saving brushwork for edges and corners. Coat the entire surface evenly. Ensure you don’t apply too much paint in any one section.

After the first coat, let the paint dry completely before continuing on to the second.