When it comes to kitchens, some certain shades such as blue, white yellow, green and red, are colors really shine. However, these shades and other paint colors are being used in new ways in the kitchen.

  1. Yellow is a popular color for the kitchen but for a modern spin on this invigorating shade, replace buttery shades with brighter ones that really stand out. Search for bold yellows that have a hint of electric neon and use them on an accent wall, kitchen cabinets, your ceiling or an island. The outcome will be a sunny kitchen that will bring a smile to your face every time you step inside.
  1. Although light blue colors make kitchens feel airy and fresh, some homeowners are using bolder shades of blue, such as navy, instead. Most interior designers are of the believe that navy is the new black and it is a great way to add a dark color into your kitchen. Make sure you soften this moody colors with lighter shades, like white, gray, yellow or aqua. Cobalt blue is another popular color that looks great, yet sophisticated in the kitchen.

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  1. Red usually stimulate the appetite and is a popular choice of kitchen color for many people. However, you don’t have to use a traditional red when there are many modern shades you can choose from. Cranberry red is one great variation that can brighten up a kitchen instantly.

You can consider hot pink, magenta or coral if you prefer a red that has more pink. If these colors are used sparingly, they can create a sophisticated kitchen space. Also if combined with white, it keeps the look from feeling too feminine. Magenta can be very striking when paired with darker-colored wood.

  1. There are so many shades of green that can shine in the kitchen. Light, earthy greens are mostly safer bet. However, if you are willing to experiment with the latest shades, give aqua, mint, lime, emerald green and chartreuse a try. All these greens can make a great statement and will also help in brightening a dark and drab space.

Before you settle on bold paint color for your kitchen, be sure that you will still be as into it five years from now. If you are not sure, a neutral paint color is advisable as your base and then you can lightly sprinkle the modern colors in.